Customised Virtual Event Platform Features


Inbuilt Interactive Live Sessions

Virtual Event Sessions are specific speaker sessions that can be hosted virtually in real-time or can be accessed on-demand elevating the attendee experience.

View Agenda Wise and Multi Track Sessions

Host Live On-demand sessions

Host Live QnA, Live chat and conduct live polls

Host Digital Keynote Speakers

Rooms for breakout and demos

Organize breakout sessions for your attendees. Provide your premium exhibitors access to Demo rooms in order to provide leads with engaging virtual demos.

Group Video Meetings for Breakout sessions

Moderator control can also be given to hosts or moderators

Room display visibility can be controlled

Demo Rooms Provision to premium exhibitors


Virtual booths

Virtual booths are another unique proposition of the product that provides sponsors and exhibitors with an online space to market their product or service.

Attendees can search, filter and sort Exhibitor & Sponsor Profiles

Exhibitors can host downloadable collaterals

Exhibitors can ensure their product marketing and upload marketing videos and images

Live demo rooms to host live chats and meeting between attendees and exhibitors

Lounge for one on one meets

The all-new networking lounge is a bliss for attendees to feel closer to an in-person event. Interactions in virtual networking lounge are similar to the physical one.

Allow attendees to set one-on-one meeting

Group meetings upto 4 people can be done

Brand your networking lounge for sponsors and exhibitors

Reserve seats in advance for sponsors


Engagement & Networking

Most online events are basically webinars while VOE’s unique proposition is the ability to have many to many interactions just like real life events.

Smart Matchmaking

Access and filter attendee list

Scheduled one on one video meetings and chats

Take notes & exchange virtual business cards

Gamify the entire experience

Add zing to your virtual event and gamify it with VOE. Incorporate gamification features in real-time and create a fun & memorable experience.

Create Quiz, photo, video or selfie contests and encourage Attendee participation

Activate leaderboard for virtual communities

Assign points to different activities

Reward attendee activities and actions


Register your Attendees in different ways


Fill form & get confirmation on request approval


Simplify event registration process with forms


Unique way for attendees to RSVP online for an event


Tickets with multiple currencies and payment methods

Upload Excel

Directly upload the list of attendees in excel format