Virtual Auto Show

Virtual Auto Show

Hosting an International Virtual Auto Show never been easier.


Showcase new and best launch of Automobiles by using VOE platform.

The physical event, you have to pay to set up a booth and have a couple of people out of the office for a day or two. With a virtual booth gives branding and exhibitors connect attendees global.

Higher Visitors Attendance Across Globe

Hassle-Free Setup and Strong Employer Branding

Post Jobs and Connect with Candidates via Secure Chat & Video

Live Analytics and Dashboard

During physical Auto Show you have to bring vehicle from their own location to venue where trade show is going on but by using VOE’s Virtual Auto Show you have to just come live from your own location and showcase your product.

Register your Attendees in different ways


Fill form & get confirmation on request approval


Simplify event registration process with forms


Unique way for attendees to RSVP online for an event


Tickets with multiple currencies and payment methods

Upload Excel

Directly upload the list of attendees in excel format