All the ingredients to host a successful virtual event

VOE gives you a comprehensive toolbox to ensure your virtual event delivers the impact you desire

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Host your most interactive online event yet

VOE is a virtual venue with multiple interactive areas that are optimized for connecting and engaging. Attendees can move in and out of rooms just like an in-person event and enjoy the content and connections you've created for them. The results? High show-up rates, low drop-off rates, and happy attendees.

Host events of any type or size

Sell event tickets

Engage your attendees

Analyze data from your event

Build your next event in just minutes

Create awesome event experiences by mixing and matching VOE’s special event segments

Interactive Live Sessions

Engage the audience with interactive content in real-time during an event

Rooms for Breakout and Demos

Help build meaningful connections by organizing breakout sessions, demo rooms and exhibitor rooms

Lounge for One-on-one meets

Re-create in-person event experience & host online virtual event with networking lounge for attendees

Engagement and Networking

Maximize audience engagement by facilitating live chats, event feed, contests and virtual meetings

Virtual Booths

A unique virtual space for your event sponsors & exhibitors to market their products and services

Ways to use VOE

Create events with unlimited possibilities, and craft your event schedule for a uniquely great experience every time.

Online courses

Sell your courses through VOE events, with all sorts of features to make it a complete experience.


Webinars tend to be one-sided. Listeners are passively attending VOE ups the engagement.

Fairs & Trade shows

Build a virtual expo in VOE that has a floor of interactive vendor booths with customizable buttons.

Networking events

Connect people online with ease through one to one meetings in succession via video.


Host full-scale conferences with multiple stages, sessions, networking, and expo booths.


Gather people at your customized VOE event and let them interact and learn together.

Hundreds of Customers Trust VOE for Their Virtual Event